Military officers announce coup in Gabon: President Ali Bongo Under House Arrest

 gabon military announce coup

The recent coup in Gabon, a nation renowned for its oil wealth and historical stability, has ignited discussions across the African continent about the preservation of democracy, sovereignty, and the shadow of colonial influence. As military officers took control and ousted President Ali Bongo, concerns surrounding not only Gabon's political fate but also the broader implications for African governance have emerged. This article explores the intricacies of the recent coup through a Pan-African lens, delving into historical echoes and France's role in the region.


Niger's Coup Crisis: Shifting Alliances and Sahel's Uncertain Future

french embassy in niger attached

The military group that seized power in Niger has leveled accusations against France, suggesting plans for a military intervention to reinstate the deposed president, Mohamed Bazoum. French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, refuted these allegations, underscoring the necessity of restoring stability in Niger and its neighboring countries.

President of Haiti Assassinated

Assasines of president President Jovenel Moise

Haitian President Moise was killed Wednesday in an armed attack at his private home in the capital Port-au-Prince by a group of terrorists who, authorities say, spoke Spanish and English and probably patois.

Haiti's first lady Martine Moise, who was wounded in the attack, was taken to a hospital in Miami, Florida, where she is being treated.

Haitian police had already arrested 17 suspects over the assassination, including two Haitian Americans and 15 Colombians.